Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Sale for Used Industrial Equipment

1. Definitions

- "Company": Coat Plate LLC, located in Brownsville, Texas, USA.
- "Customer": Any individual, company, or organization purchasing used industrial equipment from the Company.

2. Nature of the Business

The Company specializes in the purchase and sale of used industrial equipment, including compressors, presses, filters, chillers, and more. All equipment sold is second-hand and is sold "as is" without any explicit or implied warranties. The Company strives to provide accurate descriptions of each piece of equipment and its condition, but cannot guarantee its performance or longevity.

3. Liability and Limited Warranty

The Company disclaims any liability for misuse, failures, or damages caused by the previous use and operation of the equipment. The Customer understands that the function, efficiency, and lifespan of the equipment may be affected by prior use and wear and tear.

4. Pre-Purchase Inspection

Customers are strongly encouraged to conduct an in-person or delegated representative inspection prior to making a purchase. The Company is available to schedule visits to our facilities and provide all necessary information for a thorough inspection.

5. Pricing and Payment

Equipment prices will be established and communicated to the Customer prior to the purchase. Prices will be indicated in US dollars (USD) and do not include taxes, tariffs, or shipping charges. Payment will be made according to the agreed terms between both parties, and equipment delivery will occur upon receipt of full payment.

6. Shipping and Delivery

The Customer will be responsible for the costs and organization of equipment transportation. The Company will provide assistance in coordinating logistics and ensure that the equipment is properly packaged and protected prior to shipment. However, the Company shall not be liable for any delays, damages, or losses that may occur during transportation.

7. Regulatory Compliance

The Customer will be solely responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations related to the purchase, use, and operation of the acquired equipment. The Company shall not be held responsible for any non-compliance or resulting claims arising from such non-compliance by the Customer.

8. Confidentiality

All information provided by the Customer, including personal and commercial data, will be treated confidentially and used solely for conducting the commercial transaction. The Company agrees to take all reasonable measures to protect and maintain the confidentiality of such information.

9. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the state of Texas, USA. Any dispute or controversy arising in connection with these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the state of Texas.

These terms and conditions constitute a legally binding agreement between the Company and the Customer. To proceed with a sale, the Customer must expressly acknowledge and comply with these terms and conditions.